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B the Method

"Join me on the path to a stronger, healthier, and more unified body and mind. Don't just do it, B it." - Lia Bartha

B the Method is a digital pilates platform focusing on the lengthening of muscles, deep core connection, posture, spinal integrity, and strengthing the inner layers of muscle. It uses a small inflated ball and occasionally light weights (1lb Bala bangles). Founded by Lia Bartha, the program is $17.99/month with a 7-day free trial. She goes live 2-3 times a week and puts out a new on-demand every Sunday night. There is a suggested weekly schedule to follow, but the amount of variety ensures that users are never bored. All live classes stay on the app (I love this feature considering not all workout platforms do this).

@liabartha via Instagram

Class Types & Time Length

Full Body (some use weights, mostly standing and mat work, works every muscle)

Restore (still activating muscles, but is restorative and great for your mind as well)

Length & Reach (focused on deep core connection and lengthening)

Cardio Flow (not like HIIT at all, faster-paced movements but very low-impact, definitely works up a sweat)

Focused Series (core, lower body, restore, upper body, etc.)

30 min Express (faster-paced, full-body, still restorative)

60 min Classic (whole deal, not much cardio, standing & mat work, stretching)

15 min

30 min

45 min

60 min

+ foam rolling series, gut work, and more.


I absolutely love the variety of the app. I think the focus on connecting to the core, posture, and inner muscles are so important and most workout programs lack this. B the Method focuses on slowing down and tuning in to the deep, deep layers of muscle in your body. It seems that every other workout out there is about pushing yourself, tearing away at your muscles, hurting your joints, and not listening to your body. This platform changes the game and will truly benefit you. The live classes are great too and there is a strong community aspect here. There is really something for everyone: beginner classes, faster-paced cardio flow, pilates and yoga mix, and amazing posture work that is so beneficial for us. There is no music in the classes but that way you can hear Lia's cueing which is important to hear and to follow. A lot of the classes include exercises that help open the chest (which is reversed when we curl our shoulders while working on the computer or on our phones). She teaches you how every muscle connects to the core and explains that every movement is full-body, even if it is a 15-minute class focused on the upper body. Her method is about not leaving any muscle untouched or overlooked. I strongly think that doing this method will pay dividends as the years go on. A big part of this is also the breath: there is a way she recommends you breathe during her classes called "lateral breathing" and there is a tutorial on the app as well as other tutorials to watch about posture and core connecting. She does a 15-minute class every Friday at noon on Instagram Live - definitely try it out and see the shift for yourself.