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CITYSHAPE Online Fitness Studio

Over these last few months with stay at home orders, we have all had to come up with alternative ways to workout with studios & gyms closed. For me at least, I really missed going to a studio and having an instructor lead the class. However, I recently tried out CityShape. CityShape is an online fitness studio and home base for workout classes led by instructors from many different studios in KC. The types of classes include yoga, dance cardio, sculpt, interval training, strength training, and even cooking. The length of the classes range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

Each instructor has their own style of teaching, which is why CityShape is great because you get access to them all in one spot. Each video is so well-done and edited professionally. Each video has music added in the background of the instructor's voice.

My favorite classes on the site are 40 minute sculpt with Grace, 30 minute total body HIIT with Ashlyn & Grace, 40 minute jump core with Kirsty and Anthony, and 40 minute strength circuit with Coach B. There are over 25+ videos uploaded so far, with new classes uploaded frequently.

A monthly membership gives you access to all of the classes under one cost. The cost per month is just $10.99. I think that is a really great deal because it gives you access to multiple kinds of classes, instead of paying at least $5 or more for each individual streaming service you want to have. If you want to try out CityShape, you can use the code SWEATREVIEW1 for 20% off the cost of membership for one month (valid until the beginning of 12/2020.)

Thank you to CityShape for collaborating with me, but of course I wouldn't promote something if I didn't love it. I truly think it is an amazing platform and it makes working out at home so easy and fun. Not to mention that I have previously taken in-studio classes from some of the instructors on CityShape, and I can say that their online classes are just as great.

Link to CityShape:

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