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Fusion Fitness Review

"Music driven, HIIT, cardio, tone, barre, & strength"


Badass is the best phrase to describe Fusion & their classes. So hype, so challenging, so sweaty. I had so much fun taking Fusion's Drenched class. It consisted of strength training & HIIT. Fusion offers multiple kinds of classes that are unique to them. On their website, they rank each class by level of endurance, strength, and cardio. The studio is so adorable and everyone there is so nice. I think this might be my new favorite studio and class in KC.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the class, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of class: 5. Wow wow wow. I am fully obsessed with Fusion. What I loved most was the music they played. Anything from Drake, Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Lil Mosey, Diplo, and Kanye BLAST through those speakers. I very much appreciated how the music was played so loud because it made the class so hype. One of my favorite things ever is when the instructor cues a high-intensity move like mountain climbers to the beat drop. I literally get chills every time. Sense the vibes for yourself:

I also almost screamed when "Blueberry Fuego"by Lil Mosey played because I was not expecting that and Mosey is one of my favorite artists. Besides the music, the instructor was so motivating and led the class very well. You will not be let down if you try Fusion.

Intensity level: 4. This class was definitely challenging, but I don't think it was as endurance-based as Health House for example. The strength portions definitely burned and there were many times that I wanted to (and did) take a 10 second break. I found it interesting how there were no rest or water breaks cued during the class, but I took it upon myself to take a second when I needed. Another thing about Fusion is that no matter the class, each move is done unilaterally, meaning one side. After a 3 or 4 minute warm up, we started on the right side and did every move with just that arm or leg. The second half of the 45 minute class was the same moves but on the opposite side. Honestly, I had a hard time getting the hang of some of the choreography, but they say that practice makes perfect and the choreography gets easier each time. The strength moves we did ranged from curtsey lunges + hammer curls, to combos of slow lunges + bicep curls with a half-burpee, and much more. The class I took used light 2-3lb weights for cardio sections and heavy 8-10lb weights for strength sections. I really felt that this class hit every muscle and was the perfect mix of strength and cardio. I do think that it can be tailored to any fitness level because you can go at your own pace and modify if you need.

Overall vibe: 5. I really sensed good vibes at this studio. It was cute, clean, and welcoming. Something I noticed was that the entire class was women. I thought this was incredibly badass to see a class full of women lifting weights as the typical stereotype is that weights are only for men. I liked how there were neon quote signs on the walls and it definitely made the studio Instagram worthy. Cult wise, I think this studio has very loyal clients, but it wasn't culty at all. Everyone is super nice and the instructor especially makes new class-takers feel welcome.


Equipment? Sneakers or no sneakers is noted when you book a class. Bring a mat and towel. Weights and other equipment for class is provided.

Location? Fusion has 3 locations in Mission Farms, Overland Park, and Downtown KCMO.

Price? First class free, intro deal 10 classes for $100, normal drop-in $23, or 1 month unlimited $179 all on Mind Body app.

What to wear? Tank tops / t-shirts and leggings / shorts in specific, everyone seemed to be wearing similar outfits.

Shower or locker room? No.

Anything else? Fusion also offers virtual classes which are great. You can book everything on their website or Mind Body. Lastly, Fusion also has cycling called Fusion Fly. I have yet to try it, but it seems so fun.


I had so much fun at Fusion and I already can't wait to go back. It's one of those classes / studios that you just have to see for yourself.

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