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Health House Review

"Imagine high school sports conditioning combined with rap music and flashing lights."


Health House is the all encompassing high intensity, low impact, "HYPE" full body workout. The 45 minute class consists of half rowing and half strength training. The high energy instructors blast motivating music under colorful LED lights. Health House has locations in Kansas (Leawood, Prairie Village,) and West Hollywood, California. Anyone who takes this class leaves feeling on top of the world.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the workout, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of workout: 5. Health House classes are almost similar to a rave or club. With the captivating LED lights on the ceiling, loud, motivating music, and inspiring instructors, class-takers are never bored.

Intensity: 5. While Health House founder, Jon Knopke, promotes the classic Rip & Row class to be low-impact, (which it is) you will still be working hard. The rowing portion challenges stamina and endurance while the strength training burns out and tones muscles. Imagine high school sports conditioning combined with rap music and flashing lights. The class is mentally challenging and you will be pushed to the limit if you put the effort in. Like they say, “you get out what you put in.” Overall, anyone who finishes a Health House class can call themselves an athlete without a doubt.

Overall Vibe: 4. Health House is definitely one of a kind. A class that combines rowing and strength training that will leave you wiped out and feeling great. The only downside being that the workout is so challenging for most regular people, meaning not beginner friendly. However, you can always modify and take breaks when needed. The instructors are beyond friendly and always make everyone feel welcome.


Has Parking? Yes

Need Sneakers? Yes

Has Shower/Locker Room? Yes


If you live near a Health House location, run do not walk! First timers can purchase a package costing $25 for their first two classes. Normally, a single class costs $25. They also sell various packages and memberships. Being a Kansas City native, it has been so cool to watch Health House grow and become insanely popular. The first location was in Prairie Village, KS and they have now expanded to the West Coast (hopefully NYC or Chicago next!)

Thanks for reading. More studio and workout program reviews coming soon.

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