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IGTV Workout Roadmap Feat. Links to 60+ Different (Free) Classes

For anyone who doesn't know what IGTV is (hello to my grandparents if you are reading this, this is for you ily,) IGTV is another platform created by Instagram specifically for longer videos.

I have searched all over Instagram to find 60+ different free workout classes, all led by certified instructors. Many studios & instructors have recorded and uploaded live classes to IGTV during the pandemic, so I have linked many of them here. Of course, there are tons more. I just linked the ones I found. I will also frequently update this with new classes. Keep this page as a reference for the next time you are looking for a workout to do at home.

Note: ⚡ = favorites, ☠ = most challenging (in my opinion)

Pilates: (equipment: some just bodyweight, some use optional ankle weights or light dumbbells)

HIIT: (equipment: bodyweight / weights optional)

Strength: (equipment: dumbbells & resistance band)

Sculpt & Barre: (equipment: depends on video, usually light weights, maybe sliders and/or resistance band)

Boxing: (equipment: none required, optional light weights)

Spin / Indoor Cycling: (equipment: stationary bike)

Yoga: (equipment: none)

Other: (equipment: depends on class)

Bookmark this page to easily access this list! Send the link to this page to anyone you think would like it.

To watch IGTV on a computer, open this blog post on a computer, click the link(s) you want, be directed to Instagram, and press play.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found many new workouts to try! Follow @thesweatreviewkc on Instagram for more.

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All images are mine.