• kayla fink

KC Fitness Bucket List (Studios, Instructors, Classes)

While KC is no NYC or LA when it comes to the amount of fitness studios, trendy health cafés, or the massive space for the health and wellness industry, we do owe KC some credit. KC is home to unique studios, incredible instructors, and a community that is passionate about fitness and health. I created a list of what I think are the most bucket list-worthy studios, instructors, and classes in town. Of course, there are many more, but these were the first that came to my mind when thinking about the must-tries of fitness space in KC.


Powerlife Yoga + Barre

Fusion Fitness

Body Lab

Corepower Yoga

Pilates of Kansas City

LÜM Health Studio

Yoga Six

Pure Barre

The Space

The Barre Method

Fit Street

Mojo Cycling

Health House


Sweat Theory


Grace Brimacombe (Teaches Powerlife, LÜM, Pilates of KC, and has the best energy, will have you smiling mid-burpee party, will motivate you and push you to show up as your best)

Joscelyn Gann (Teaches Fusion Fitness, and shares her sense of humor throughout class, is so motivating, makes you feel so happy, and will inspire you to never give up and give it your all)

Lindsay Henderson (Teaches CycleBar & Yoga Six Sculpt, and has amazing music, such a kind soul, is so welcoming, and makes classes so fun while getting in a great workout)

Darby Brender (Teaches & owns Fusion Fitness, her classes are amazing, she's so motivational, and will lead you through a kick ass workout)

Ashlyn Jumpponen (Teaches Corepower, Body Lab, & her own method SweatxShine, has great energy, is so motivational, and inspires you while leading you through a great workout)

Kirsty Alexander (Teaches Health House & her own HIIT classes, and her classes are so hype, she's so kind, and you will be dripping in sweat by the end class)

*Last but definitely not least* Erica Creger (Teaches Fusion Fitness, she's a literal firecracker full of motivation and hype energy, has the best vibes in her classes, and you will not regret taking her class)


Megaformer pilates at Body Lab

Bootcamp at LÜM

Fly (Cycling) at Fusion Fitness

Rip & Row at Health House

Connect (Cycling) at Cyclebar

Spin & Athletic Yoga at Pilates of KC

KALOS Experience at The Space

Sweat Lab at Fusion Fitness

Hot Power Fusion at Corepower

Xx Kayla