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Sweat Sessions Review


Sweat Sessions is an original workout class concept created by Aubre Winters. Class types include Dance Cardio & Sculpt, Sweaty Sculpt, and "Aubre" Barre- aka more advanced. I found out about Aubre and her workout classes during the Q (quarantine) and started taking her Instagram Live classes regularly. She now offers Zoom classes multiple times a week. Her classes are so much fun and class-takers can still feel the good vibes even through the screen.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the class, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of Class: Do I dare say 6? These classes seriously have the best vibes ever- especially the dance cardio class. I literally felt like I was back in 3rd grade dance class and had the best time. Classes are definitely an instant mood booster.

Intensity Level: 3, 4. In my opinion, Sweaty Sculpt is the hardest, featuring high intensity moves with little rest. Barre is challenging because it makes your muscles burn like crazy, but it isn't super high cardio. Dance Cardio intensity level is somewhere in between, with easy to follow but high intensity dance / cardio movements, mixed in with barre / pilates.

Overall Vibe: 5. These classes spark so much joy, as Aubre hopes to make workouts fun for everyone and for every fitness level. Whether you try Sweaty Sculpt, Barre, or Dance Cardio & Sculpt, get ready to have the most fun in a workout class ever. I love all three, but Dance Cardio & Sculpt would have to be my favorite!


Try these classes- now. You can find classes on IGTV (I have a few linked under my "IGTV Road Map with 70+ Links" blog post), or book Zoom classes through Follow Aubre for updates (and updates about her soon-to-come ON-DEMAND PLATFORM) at @aubrewinters.

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