• kayla fink

The 5 Best Online Workout Classes & Programs

Throughout the lockdown, I have tried a multitude of paid online workout classes. In my opinion, paying for online workouts is kind of insane, but if you think about it, instructors still need to make a living off teaching. I have compiled my list of the best online classes and the ones I think are most worth paying for.

1. The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup ($19.99 / month, or $119.99 / year, free trial)

Over 70+ on-demand classes + multiple live workouts a week featuring dance cardio & sculpt. This service is beyond convenient with different workouts tailored to different things and time lengths.

2. JETSWEAT Fitness ($20 / month, free trial)

Here, get access to unlimited on-demand boutique fitness classes, perfectly suited for each person.

3. obé Fitness ($27 / month, free trial)

Get access to over 4,000 (yes that's correct) classes of different workout types featuring hiit, yoga, dance cardio, strength, pilates, literally everything + weekly live classes.

4. Peloton App ($12.99 / month, free trial)

Peloton offers strength training, cardio, guided running, yoga, cycling, and so many other on-demand and live classes. This program can go along the Peloton Bike and Tread, but can also be used alone.

5. Alo Moves ($20 / month, free trial)

Find a whole library of barre, hiit / circuit training, body-weight strength training, and an assortment of different kinds of yoga classes on Alo Moves.

xx Kayla