• kayla fink

The Body Lab Megaformer Pilates Review


The Body Lab, located in both Prairie Village and Leawood, Kansas is different than any other workout in town. The Body Lab workout is pilates- but on a whole other level. Instead of a classic reformer machine, The Body Lab has megaformers, which are a more complex machine. This workout is so challenging, but not as high-impact as a strength training class.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the class, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of class: 4. There isn't anything extravagant about the studio like colorful lights, blasting music, or anything like that, but that's not a bad thing. The workout is challenging, causing clients to be so in the moment focusing on the class and not on anything else going on in their lives. This yields a peaceful, calm, and relaxed person post class.

Intensity: 5. This studio is simple and chill, but wow is the workout intense! Class-takers won't be drenched in sweat or beyond tired like in a Health House or Fusion Fitness class, but rather feel every muscle in their body shake. The moves on the machine are super slow, intense, and will make muscles burn. Clients will do movements like lunges, planks, and squats on the reformer with heavy resistance added requiring intense focus, stability, and strength.

Overall vibe: 5. I personally love this workout; it's so challenging in the best way. And without a doubt clients will be sore the next day (and for multiple days after), so keep that in mind when adding this class to your workout schedule for the week. The instructors are friendly and are excited to have new clients. Most of the people in class go regularly, so don't feel bad for not being able to keep up with them because chances are, they go multiple times a week. Practice definitely makes perfect for this class.

Extra: Clients need grip socks for class! Body Lab will give you a pair to borrow for your first class (which is free) but from then on you should get your own pair to bring each time since they are required. Another thing, this class is way more expensive than most workouts in KC with drop-ins costing $30. For a place like NYC or LA, this is normal, or even cheap for a boutique studio. However, I have never seen a studio in KC charge that much. I must say though, it's worth it!


I highly recommend trying a class here. Since your first class is free, you have nothing to lose. Be prepared to shake like crazy and feel every muscle burn. This class takes serious mental toughness, so remind yourself why you went and that 50 minutes won't last forever. Body Lab is similar to Solid Core, SLT, and Carrie's Pilates Plus in NY and LA.

First photo is mine, second is from The Kansas City Star