• kayla fink

The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup Review


The Sculpt Society, by Megan Roup is her own workout class concept featuring a warm-up and cool-down of easy to follow dance cardio, with intense sculpt/pilates/barre moves all in the middle that are meant to burn every muscle in your body. Megan started teaching TSS a few years ago in NYC with professional dance experience. With the most perfect timing, months before the whole world changed and everyone was doing at-home workouts, Megan dropped The Sculpt Society app & on-demand streaming service, allowing people all over the world to experience TSS for $20/month. The app offers an abundance of different classes with different formats and lengths which makes it super convientinent. Some of the workouts on there are only 10-15 minutes, but you best believe it's still an amazing workout.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the class, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of class: 5. Even through the computer, you can sense the good vibes. Though, I believe the community energy is at its best when Megan does a live class on her app and hundreds of people are working out together, basically.

Intensity level: 5. While the dance cardio classes require some endurance, the sculpt classes are on another level. Megan formats the class where you go through 3 combos featuring 3 moves, in which you repeat each of those 3 moves for 2-3 rounds, on each side. The burn is insane and it makes you want to quit, but the relaxed, calm, and accomplished feeling you get after completing a TSS workout will make you keep coming back to your mat.

Overall vibe: 4. This is 100% one of the best on-demand streaming services for workouts I have ever tried. Even after the free trial, I was hooked. I would say the only downside is that some of the workouts may be too intense for a beginner, however, on the app there are beginner-friendly workouts. The good news is, the workout videos are meant to be repeated multiple times, meaning doing the same one each week or every two. With each class, you will get stronger and the class will be more achievable.


This program is so good; It's so good that I plan on sticking with these classes for a long time. For these classes, it's recommended to have ankle weights, 2-3lb hand weights, a resistance band, and sliders. Of course the classes can be done without, but I think they add a lot. Megan created her own line of those items which can be found at I seriously love this app and the workouts. I highly recommend.