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Vitality Ballet Review

(Review on Instagram Live 30 min Power class and Zoom adult basics class)

"The grace, power, and beauty of ballet for non-dancers"


To be honest, I didn't find this class on my own! Vitality Ballet owner, Vanessa Woods, reached out to me and told me about her ballet workout studio in St. Louis, Missouri, but was leading online classes for the time being. I was so excited to try out this type of workout, especially from home. I did ballet as a child and this class brought me back to my original dance roots. The class begins with a basic ballet warm up. You will hear words you may not understand like "demi-plie,"or "grande plie." Don't let this scare you, however, because the teacher explains it all at the beginning and makes it simple. This class is intended for all ages and levels. The rest of the class includes a series of ballet sequences and combinations using a ballet bar or a chair.


On a scale from 1-5, 5 being the best, based on energy of workout, the intensity level, and the overall vibe.

Energy of Workout: 3. This class is super chill, but in a good way. Class takers will feel calm and be in a meditative state following the session. It was definitely a change of pace for me, as I typically do more fast-paced, high-intensity workouts. I had to be patient and go slow when I wanted to speed up. It really felt like a moving meditation.

Intensity: 3. While this class isn't a high-intensity cardio class by any means, your body will definitely be working hard. Class takers are frequently reminded to keep upright and keep core strong. Over an hour's time, it becomes challenging to keep good form and in turn,

strengthens the whole body.

Overall Vibe: 4. I felt like this class was a great way to slow down and chill for a second. Like I said, I usually do more fast-paced workouts, so I enjoyed switching it up. This class is a really good option to incorporate into your home workout routine. Similar to pilates, ballet strengthens and lengthens your body and corrects bad posture over time.


A challenge I came across was having to quickly re-learn the basics of ballet. I had not practiced dance of any kind in years and there is definitely a learning curve. With all of that said, I highly recommend just trying it out for a change in pace. Maybe this could become your new favorite workout.

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