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Workout Class Bucketlist

All of the studios I want to visit, classes I want to take, and instructors I want to meet.

(not in any specific order.)

1. When I think of Soulcycle, I think of Newport Beach instructor, Jamie Artsis. Jamie is notorious for having the most insane, incredible, highest energy class in all of indoor cycling. Her vibrant Instagram account features video clips and photos from her rave/club-like spin class. Not to mention her amazing, complex choreography, featuring her sprinting on the bike while standing up above the bike seat. For now, I will continue to dream of taking her out-of-this-world class.

2. Being from New York originally, I have been so amazed to see all of the workout studios pop up since I moved in 2012. The boutique fitness industry has boomed in Manhattan and there are now hundreds of studios. The next time I visit the city (which is who knows when due to the pandemic,) I am going first to Rumble Boxing. Over the last few months under stay at home orders, I have been taking Rumble boxing and strength classes via Instagram Live. Specifically, taking classes led by Noah Neiman, Rumble's Co-Founder. Even through the screen I can sense his love for fitness, desire to making the world a better place, and desire to help people live a life full of happiness. I think his classes are so good and will probably be 100x better in person.

3. Another class I very much want to take is Sculpt Society by Megan Roupe. I have followed her on social media for a few months now and I can see what a loyal following she has for her program. Pre-pandemic, Megan traveled throughout the country to teach classes at different studios. She has even come to a studio very close to where I live twice in the last few years. I regret not taking the chance to go when I could, but I hope sometime soon I will be able to take her class either in New York City where she is based or down the street from where I live.

4. My final class on my boutique fitness bucket list is Jabs by Gina. While I have done a shortened version of her class via Instagram Live recently, I would love to take her full-length class in person. She teaches at a similar studio to Megan Roupe in Manhattan called PROJECT by Equinox. Her classes consist of boxing and high intensity interval training with 2-3 lb weights in hand. Like the other instructors I mentioned, her energy seems so great and leads an insane class.

When I get the chance to visit these studios and take these classes some day, I will definitely write about them and review it. One of the reasons I am obsessed with the boutique fitness industry is because it is visible to see how much instructors have of an impact on their clients and even just people following them on social media like me in this case. It is really cool that instructors build their own little community among their classes. I have seen this in studios where I live as well. Fitness has become way more than just exercising the physical body, and more about building a community within the studio surrounding classes.

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