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Yoga Six Review


Yoga Six is a chain of yoga studios with hundreds of locations around the country. While they are similar to other corporate yoga studios, the feature that makes it the most unique is the LED color-changing lights in the studio. I had never seen this before at a workout place in KC and it definitely sets it apart from the rest.


On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, based on the energy of the class, the intensity level, and overall vibe.

Energy of class: 3. I felt like the class was good, the staff and instructors were really friendly, and in general, it was a good experience. I think this studio is very instructor-specific. In one class I went to, the instructor played tibetan & nature music for the class, which some people love. While, another class I went to played chill, hip-hop beats, which I liked a lot more. Try out different instructors and see which ones you vibe with the best. I think the LED lights really add to the experience, despite them being such a small feature. The instructor can change the color throughout the class based on the current pace.

Intensity: Depends on class. Yoga Six offers a regular Hot class, Power, Sculpt & Flow, 101 classes for beginners, and a restore class. If you know anything about hot yoga & yoga sculpt, you would know that the sculpt class is much more challenging than a restore class. If you are new to yoga, go with the 101 class. To relax, go with restore. If you want a yoga workout, go with Power. If you want regular hot yoga, go with Hot. Last, if you want a challenging workout, take sculpt.

Overall vibe: 4. While it does have a slight corporate feel, when you are in the studio in the middle of class, you will be so glad you showed up and did something good for yourself. Class-takers will walk out to the real world with a sense of calm and bliss.


This studio is a great option for hot yoga. Again, I am obsessed with the lighting in the studio because it adds such a relaxing & chill vibe. Book classes on the Yoga Six app; get your first week of unlimited classes for $20 or pay drop-in for $10. I definitely recommend trying this studio out. My pick of a favorite class is Power because it has the feel of a regular hot yoga class with added complexity.

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